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Fragstar Corporation Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 1997, one of the leading plastic bag manufacturers in the country. We have two factories, one in Kedah State (about 45 minutes from Penang Airport), and the other in Butterworth, Penang State (5 minutes from Penang Port and 25 minutes from Penang Airport). We currently produce a gross total production volume averaging 5,000 metric tones of Vest Type Carrier Bags annually. Besides the core production of Vest Type Carrier Bags, we also produce a wide range of other products including Multi Layer Blown Stretch Film, LDPE Heavy-Duty Bags, Laminated Bags, Totally Degradable Bags, LDPE Handle Bags, Bin Liners / Bottom Sealed Bags and many new product lines coming on stream as we continue our concerted growth and expansion, in particular with the commencement of operations at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is equipped with the latest production machinery, equipment and systems providing an impressive total factory built-up area of 100,000 square feet. Our Butterworth factory is a new set up factory with 36,000 square feet built up and more than 400,000 square feet land area.

Our products currently export to major customers in international destinations ranging from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France with a rapidly growing presence in other markets in the EU and Asia-Pacific.

As a responsible corporate citizen and in line with efforts towards reducing international environmental concerns, the company is acutely aware of its important role in contributing towards reducing the negative impact of plastic bag pollution to our ecosystems, natural habitats and wildlife. In line with this, the company is an active participant in efforts to introduce more environmentally friendly products through its incorporation with the EPI group of companies - a global technology group and pioneer of oxo-biodegradable additive technology and Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA). EPI's TDPA works by breaking down polyethylene bags that are normally water-resistant or hydrophobic into a water-absorbing "hydrophilic" form. As a result of this chemical process, TDPA biodegradable bags can then be broken down in the same way micro-organisms would break down "normal" degradable waste - into Carbon Dioxide (CO2), water and non-toxic bio-mass. The increased use and provision of recycled plastic waste and materials by the company represents another significant step in its growing contribution towards reducing such environmental pollution.

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